Three Hyundai Resources to Keep You Updated About Your Vehicle

Three Hyundai Resources

At Woodstock Hyundai, your ability to feel as comfortable as possible in your vehicle is our main priority. Whether you have a new Hyundai or have been driving one for some time, it doesn’t hurt to have additional information to enhance your driving experience.

Hyundai Canada provides wide-ranging resources detailing Hyundai features and vehicle highlights you may not have been aware of previously. To take full advantage of what Hyundai offers, here are some valuable resources that will keep you in the know regarding your vehicle and its benefits.

1. Valuable Email Alerts

When you sign up with Hyundai Canada, via their official website, you can agree to receive regular email alerts, providing you with current information on a wide variety of topics.

Your emails will feature information relating to vehicle highlights, pointing out what's special about the brand you're driving or the car you're looking to purchase. Furthermore, you will get email alerts explaining new features of different Hyundai vehicles that may intrigue you, relating to safety, interior features, and more.

You will also get news regarding upcoming Hyundai Canada promotions and events that you can attend to learn more about the brand and its vehicles. You can also get diagnostic information and have any further questions answered, in case you're intrigued by any of these alerts and want to know more.

2. Different Guides for All Hyundai-Related Questions

Thanks to your owner’s manual, how-to videos, and Hyundai Canada’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, you can find the solutions to any queries you may have.

Hyundai Canada provides drivers with online owner’s manuals for vehicles spanning this decade for various models, including the Genesis, Tucson, Accent, and many more. The manual will include information about your vehicle’s special features as well as how to operate the basics. Not only can you access your manual and download a printable version, but you can also access your service passport and reference documents.

Furthermore, there's a library of how-to videos, offering visual explanations of how these special features work. Whether it's a safety feature or your Hyundai's state-of-the-art audio system, you'll get a good look, inside and out, at how your vehicle's standout assets work. These videos also allow you to pick up on any flaws or previously unnoticeable kinks with your Hyundai, explaining every pro and con to a tee. By watching a how-to video, you may learn more about what needs to be revamped on your vehicle in case you're concerned it's not performing at its best.

Then, there are FAQs. The chances are that any questions you have about your Hyundai are already on the website, with 14 sections of questions to explore. You can find up-to-date information about Hyundai such as warranties, technology, communications, fleet, and lots more. For instance, regarding your warranties, you can learn about the types Hyundai offers, including a five-year/100,000 km comprehensive warranty, eight-year/130,000 km emission warranty, among others.

Also, you can find out more about the Hyundai roadside assistance program offered. Roadside assistance allows you to access necessary services to help you out in case you've been in an accident or are stranded on the road. These services include towing and transporting your affected vehicle to the nearest Hyundai dealership or Authorized Service Facility if your car is inoperable. You'll also get roadside services such as a jump start, flat tire change, lockout service to rescue you if you've been locked out of your vehicle, and gas delivery. You can access roadside assistance 24/7 throughout the year, and it’s available for five years/unlimited km after the vehicle’s in-service date.

With each guide, you get a full understanding of what to expect with your Hyundai.

3. Latest News About Hyundai Canada, Events, and Social Media Updates

You can get all the latest Hyundai news by visiting the Hyundai newsroom to get articles, video reviews, and lots more to suit your interests.

The article and reviews section of the newsroom gives you detailed information about each Hyundai model as well as how that model is looked at within the vehicle industry. That includes vintage models and 2020 editions. These reviews come from all over the industry, including auto review websites, YouTube, and various other media.

You can also get the latest news about Hyundai vehicles, including feature updates, industry-based studies, pricing updates, and other important items. There's also company news, where you can check out some of the praise Hyundai has received around the industry. You'll get to see the awards Hyundai has won for their vehicles, in-house studies, events hosted by Hyundai, and other tidbits.

On top of that, you can find out what Hyundai is up to on their social media channels, primarily on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Eye-catching videos are showing off different car models as well as other visuals showing how prepared these vehicles are for any weather condition.

Finally, there are both industry-related events as well as recommended events near you that you’ll find advertised on the Hyundai Canada website. You’ll find everything from information on your favourite music festivals to art festivals and other notable happenings. You can filter these events by the province in case there’s an event you want to head out of town for on a road trip. You will learn more about Hyundai, its decorated history, and what it is about their vehicles as well as their brand that makes it one of the most trusted in the vehicle industry.