Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

Not too long ago, purchasing a new car online was not an alternative for us. Fortunately, the way we can buy has changed. If you don’t want to visit a dealership in person, you can still view the latest vehicle lineup online.

Luckily, inventory, pricing and financing options are just a click away. You can take all the time you need to do your research and learn about available trims, seating space and more, from our website.

This Canada Car Shoppers Guide explains how easy it is to shop online, and why more than 60% of new car customers in Canada choose this as their way to buy.

Are There Benefits If I Buy a Car Online in Canada?

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

There are pros and cons of both online and traditional in-person shopping. However, the benefits of online shopping are growing. The most important and obvious benefit is convenience. You can shop when you are ready and take as much (or little) time as you want to do it. Shopping online saves you time and money, spent on things like gas, finding alternative forms of transportation and travelling time.

The inventory you see online will show the price + hst & licensing. So, you get the cost before you make a decision, with no pressure from outside sales representatives.

When you purchase a new vehicle from Woodstock Hyundai, you’ll get an accurate trade-in value for your current ride. You can even save time by completing your credit application at home.

Is Online Car Pricing Cheaper?

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

No. At Woodstock Hyundai, you will get the same great prices online as you would at the dealership. We will provide you with any promotions available, total cost and assist you with exploring models and trim options.

Can I Still Do a Test Drive Before Buying a New Car Online?

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

Yes, of course! Everyone knows the best part of car shopping is taking the new wheels out for a spin. When you buy a new vehicle from Woodstock Hyundai, you can still enjoy the same experience. With Click To Buy, it’s simple to set up a test drive.

You can schedule a test drive at our dealership or arrange to have your favourite Hyundai vehicle delivered to your location of choice (inquire about distance restrictions). We suggest going on one of your regular driving routes to experience a familiar drive in your desired vehicle. For example, if you’re considering the Hyundai Elantra and prefer to go on your lunch break, we can bring the car to your work for a test drive. Or, if the whole family wants to come along to choose the next family vehicle, we can deliver the spacious Santa Fe to your home for everyone to explore.

Click To Buy is conveniently changing the way we make these important vehicle purchases.

What Is the Safest Way to Buy a Car Online?

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

The safest way to buy a car online is through a reputable dealer. At Woodstock Hyundai, you can trust that your financial information is secure. We stand behind our pricing and warranties and will assist you during the car buying process.

Click To Buy is a safe and easy way to shop for a new vehicle in Canada.

If you have any questions regarding models, trim options, warranty or financing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Woodstock Hyundai.

How Do I Buy a New Car Online From Woodstock Hyundai?

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

It’s easy! You can shop from the comfort of your home - explore new models and compare trims with Click To Buy. Here are 5 simple steps to buy your new vehicle online from Woodstock Hyundai:

1. Pick Your Dealership & Vehicle
Go to Woodstock Hyundai’s website and search through our inventory. Filter your search by year, make and model, to find the vehicle you need. Then choose the trim and colour you want, to configure the look and feel of your own Hyundai.

2. View Transparent Pricing & Payments
The Click to Buy process shows you clear and detailed dealer pricing, with no hidden fees to surprise you at the end. Provide your trade-in information for an accurate price reduction off the cost of your new vehicle. If any government incentives or dealer promotions need to be applied, this will automatically happen before final pricing.

Here you will see all available finance and leasing options to show what your monthly payment will be. This is where you can add additional protection, warranties, and custom accessories.

3. Online Paperwork & Credit Application
The paperwork is easy to fill out online to finance or lease your vehicle. You are also able to pay cash for your vehicle. Just click "Edit Deal" and input your payment type.

4. Order Your New Car Online or at Woodstock Hyundai
Next, you secure your car with a fully refundable credit card deposit. This will hold your vehicle as reserved, where you can book an appointment to finish the financial transaction in person or arrange a test drive.

There is no pressure to finish any of the purchasing steps online. Your progress will be saved along the way, so you can take your time to make decisions or come to the dealership to finish it in person.

In addition, you are not obligated to purchase the vehicle as the deposit is refundable. If necessary, you can cancel at any time before signing the final purchasing agreement with us.

5. Schedule Your New Car Delivery
With Click To Buy, you have two delivery options. You can choose the best time to have your new vehicle delivered directly to your home for a small fee. Or you can arrange to finalize your purchase and pick up your new vehicle from our dealership at no cost.

This Is the Future of the Car Buying Industry

Why Do Most New Car Shoppers in Canada Want to Buy Their Car Online?

Here at Woodstock Hyundai, we understand that more consumers want to buy their next vehicle online. With many people working from home and shopping at their convenience, the luxury of online car buying is in demand and easier than you think.

Contact us for more information on how to buy a new vehicle online from Woodstock Hyundai today!

Click To Buy – try it out for yourself! There’s no obligation to purchase a vehicle. You can browse the latest models from anywhere you access the internet.

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