6 Advantages of Being a Hyundai Owner

Advantages of Being a Hyundai Owner

Is Hyundai a good car? What is it that you look for in a vehicle? If you value performance, comfort, safety, peace of mind, affordability and being environmentally friendly, then these Hyundai car advantages are why you should consider buying a Hyundai.

✅ Value for Money

You work hard for your money, which means you want to be able to purchase an affordable, functional vehicle that will be financially easy to maintain. You might think that in order to receive these benefits, you have to compromise on quality or comfort. That is not the case when you own a Hyundai. You get a great deal more comfort, style, performance and peace of mind, all at a reasonable price. It’s all about getting value for your money.

✅ Reliability and Safety

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Hyundai’s vehicles are recognized as some of the most reliable in the marketplace. Is Hyundai a good car? We’ve won a long list of awards that recognize it as so.

For instance, our vehicles are safe by design. We won IIHS Top Safety Pick Award in 2019 for the Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sante Fe, Hyundai Tucson, Hybrid Hyundai Accent, and more.

✅ Features

Hyundai is innovative and provides features that enhance safety, like the Rear Occupant Alert that comes with the 2019 Sante Fe, which alerts busy parents to the presence of kids or pets in the rear seat when the driver exits the car. This can greatly reduce the tragedy of vehicular heat stroke.

For drivers who wish to maximize fuel efficiency, a number of Hyundai vehicles feature the ActiveECO system. When you activate the system, your car will achieve maximum fuel efficiency by controlling the vehicle’s shifting patterns.

✅ Hyundai BuyRight

Yet another one of the Hyundai car advantages is Hyundai’s BuyRight program, which lets car buyers have a convenient, comprehensive, tailored car buying experience. Car buyers can use the Hyundai Express Shopping feature to do research and pick which model and trim suits their needs. They can even find out about trade-in value before coming into the dealership.

Why buy a Hyundai? Because they are interested in your satisfaction before, during and after your purchase.


✅ Manufacturer Warranty

Did you know that Hyundai provides one of the best, most comprehensive limited manufacturer warranties in the business? In a nutshell, we offer 5 years/100,000km comprehensive limited warranty, 100,000km powertrain warranty, 100,000km emission warranty.

Cars can be pricey to maintain and repair. Not only can you count on high-quality design, engineering and craftsmanship to build you a reliable Hyundai vehicle, but with this kind of manufacturer warranty, we’ve got your back if you run into trouble with your car.

The warranty covers nearly every new vehicle component, including radio sound system, DVD system, paint and battery. It covers repair or replacement of powertrain components that are found to be defective or fail under normal use conditions. Hyundai also helps out your environmental conscience with the emissions warranty, covering catalytic converter, engine control module and onboard emissions diagnostics device. Perforation from corrosion is covered as well, which is a real bonus in our climate, as your vehicle comes into contact with salt and grime during the winter months, which can accelerate damaging corrosion.

✅ Roadside Assistance

Talk about peace of mind! Hyundai owners get 24-hr roadside assistance at no extra cost. This coverage extends to 5 years/unlimited km for all 2015 models and later and 3 years/unlimited km for all 2014 models and prior. It's complimentary for up to 5 years with a new vehicle purchase.

It’s convenient as well. You can even download the Hyundai roadside assistance app, which lets you request help easily and quickly when you need it.

Here is what you can expect with Hyundai roadside assistance:

  • Flat tire change
  • Fuel delivery
  • Battery boost
  • Towing service (vehicle inoperable)
  • Lockout relief
  • Winching and extrication service
  • Mechanical first aid
  • U.S. arrest bond certificate service
  • Trip Accident Assistance Service

Included roadside assistance not only gives you peace of mind on the road, but it also cuts down your operating costs too. It's included, so you don't need to pay for other automobile club memberships or roll the dice paying for roadside assistance out of pocket.

With one of the best warranties in the business and second to none design, style and technology, there are many advantages to being a Hyundai owner. Contact Woodstock Hyundai today for more information.