7 Essential Car Apps for Hyundai Owners

Car Apps

If you’re looking for information on all the new vehicle apps for your Hyundai, we have the guide you need. With multiple options and features available on all Hyundai models, getting the essential automobile apps can help your drive become more entertaining, comfortable, and safe.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide smartphone connectivity to your favourite mobile apps through your console. With an available touch-screen display and voice command features in your Hyundai, you and your passengers will be able to access music, maps, messaging, calling, and more.

Examples of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features include:

  • Voice control for hands-free control
  • Receiving and returning calls 
  • Reading, sending, and reply to text messages
  • Navigation to get you to your destination with recommended routes
  • Access to 30 million songs

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available on select vehicles. With this ever-evolving technology, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to some of the best smart features on the market.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Hyundai BlueLink

Hyundai BlueLink

As one of the best vehicle apps for smartphones, your smartphone becomes a remote with the BlueLink Connected vehicle system. You’ll have control without even entering your vehicle so that you can:

  • Remote start, set cabin temperature, and turn on the heated steering wheel
  • Conveniently lock and unlock your vehicle
  • Find your vehicle if you can't recall where you parked it 
  • Get Roadside Assistance to keep you and your family safe

In the event of an accident, the Automatic Collision Notification feature automatically notifies emergency services. It’s another way that Hyundai technology keeps you and your passengers safe while on the road.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a GPS navigation app for Android and iOS. The easy-to-use app helps you get to your specified destination while guiding you along the most direct route. It can also give you a street view of your destination so that you can scout it before you get there.

Google Maps also provides information about local businesses, traffic conditions, public transit, and more. You’ll be informed about wherever you want to go.

 Google Maps
Waze Maps


Waze is another GPS navigation vehicle app for Android and iOS that focuses on traffic data. By using crowdsourcing for information, it will provide you with up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, police traps, accidents, and other potential obstacles.

Since Waze is a community-driven app, it’s constantly updating information from other drivers. By knowing up-to-the-minute information about road conditions and traffic, Waze helps guide you to your destination through the fastest route possible.


Spotify is a music-streaming service that lets you enjoy millions of popular songs. While the free app allows you to listen to music on predetermined playlists, the paid service lets you listen to any song in its database.

Upgrading to the paid service has other advantages, including:

  • Unlimited skips on shuffle-mode playlists
  • Listening offline when there’s no cell service
  • No wait for new releases
  • Combining your Spotify deal with Hulu for extended entertainment value

By using a streaming music service, you and your passengers can enjoy the drive and stay entertained on long journeys. It’s an essential app for music lovers on family trips and vacations.



GasBuddy is designed to save you money at the pump by knowing exactly where the cheapest stations are. It will guide you to the gas station with the lowest price per liter so that you can keep more money in your pocket.

Other features in this crowd-sourced app include reviews and ratings of gas stations, contests to win free gas, and fuel economy tracking. It boasts over 70 million users with fully-accurate and continuously updated information.


PlugShare is the GasBuddy app for electric vehicles. With this free app you can find charging stations, connect with other plug-in vehicle owners, and be a part of the electric vehicle community. 

With a database of 32,000+ charging stations in North America, the PlugShare station app is the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of charging stations for electric vehicles, helping you plan ahead for longer trips and far off destinations.


The Best Car Apps for Smartphones

Now that you know the seven essential vehicle apps for Hyundai owners, you can download the right ones and take advantage of the latest technology to improve your ride. Visit Woodstock Hyundai to price and build your Hyundai today!